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Advice For Kids From an 8 Year Old

My son, Muhammad, wanted to give some advice to kids who are stuck at home during the COVID-19 quarantine. These are all 100% his ideas, even the image and the words that went with it!

  1. Relax: Just try not to worry and go with the flow.

  2. Alone time: Find a spot and sit by yourself .

  3. Play: If you have a backyard, go outside and play.

  4. Technology: Ask for permission to play with some technology.

  5. Read: Find a quiet spot and read a book or some Quran.

  6. Help: Do some chores around the house (e.g. clean your room, make your bed, do some dishes).

  7. Play with siblings: If you mom is working from home, this will really help her out.

  8. Be kind: Don't forget to be kind.

  9. Plant something: If you have a garden plant a new veggie or do it indoors on your window sill.

  10. Give Space: When adults need a time out, give them some space.

  11. Play: Legos are a fun toy to build when I am bored.

  12. Terrarium: Make a terrarium for some of the insects in your yard. Be sure to keep it open, so they can breathe.

  13. Projects: Use things you find in your house to make some crafts.

  14. Pokemon: Teach your younger siblings how to battle with Pokemon cards.

  15. Exercise: Do some jumping jacks, wall sits, and push ups. Be sure to tell your gym teacher that you're doing exercises at home.

  16. Paint: Get your paint and brushes out and paint some rocks.

  17. Climb: If your parents let you, climb some trees and see how things look from a higher ground.

  18. Amazon boxes: Use the endless Amazon boxes that your parents have and make a robot costume.

  19. Teach: I've been teaching my sisters how to read and how to do cartwheels.

  20. Neighbors: Talk with your neighbors from a safe distance. My neighbor and I play for 2-3 hours a day while being in our own backyards. We have to yell so we can hear each other, but we still have a lot of fun.

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1 Comment

Apr 21, 2020

Wow those are great ideas I cant wait to try them😁

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