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25 Things to Do While Quarantined

The stay at home order has taken effect. We are now legally required to stay home and can only go out under certain circumstances.

Here are 25 things you can do to keep your sanity and your children's sanity in place.

1. Read half a page of Quran a day. It's not that difficult, but sitting down to do this every day requires some discipline. Remember, you spend more time browsing your phone each day than you would reading that half a page.

2. Take a walk. Walking is still safe to do as long as you keep your distance from other walkers.

3. Deep clean or declutter one area of your house each day.

4. Play chess together. Don't know how? Well, there is no better time than now to learn.

<--- This is a really cheap ($5.99) starter set on Amazon that you can have delivered within a few days with Prime.

5. Bake, cook, and bake some more. It's okay if you burn a few things, just keep trying. The kids can help you measure ingredients, stir, and pour things in.

6. Learn something new about each of your kids daily. It can be as simple as their favorite color or favorite game.

7. Jump in a puddle with your kids.

8. Dig for some worms. Not everyone's cup of tea, but it definitely keeps kids entertained for quite some time.

9. Make a personalized pizza pie for each kid from scratch. Have the kids help so they can feel like they're chefs.

10. Try a new recipe together with your kids. We did the oven pan pancakes and they were a HUGE hit. Get a little fancy and do different flavors. You will never make pancakes the same way again.

11. Hide a toy and let the kids go on a hunt for it.

12. Rearrange your furniture. That brings on instant happiness for a few days.

13. Organize and declutter your mail.

14. Do some extra Salat. You have all the time right now. Do all the sunnah salat and some nawafal too.

15. Start sowing some indoor seeds. My kids and I started our indoor and outdoor seeds a couple of days ago. Of course, it started snowing today (in the end of March!), so we took the outdoor seeds inside.

16. Catch up on sleep. You know you need it!

17. Complete a 1000 piece puzzle with your kids. This one of Mecca is absolutely gorgeous! You can do 50-100 pieces a day.

If a 1000 pieces might not be possible for everyone, here is a smaller Arabic puzzle.

18. Memorize one Ayah a day. Ok, that might be reaching a bit. How about one ayah every two days?

19. Make slime from scratch. Add some glitter to the mix. Make sure to do this in a place you don't mind getting messy.

20. Take a virtual zoo tour. A lot of zoos are recording daily to help keep the kids entertained.

21. Take some deep breaths. Take some time each day to just sit quietly and do breathing exercises.

22. Bird watch. Get out your old binoculars and find some birds.

23. Clean the walls. Yes, the walls need cleaning as well.

24. Fast. Why not start practicing for Ramadan now?

25. Finally, read more Quran and make lots of duas. Seriously, there is no better time than now to get closer to Allah Subhanah Wa Talla. You'll feel instant calmness and relief.

What have you been doing while quarantined? Let us know in the comment section below:

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